Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Memo: Printer and Grades

Today was a big day. After printing some of the demo models that were stored in our 3D printer, the kiddos figured out how to create artifacts in TinkerCad, export them in the right format to the XYZ Printer software and print them out. As I write this, a series of stars (a logo for a 20% Time project) is printing. Learning the ins and outs of how the printer works was a great learning experience for the few kids who figured it out. Now it's time for them to teach all of the other kiddos. Already, the kids are clamoring to print artifacts for their projects. This learning is so cool!

This week, grade cards will be mailed out. This is a progress report and signifies the end of Term 4. Today, Term 5 began and many of the kids had a change of electives. While we had warned about missing assignments for the last two weeks, some of the kiddos didn't realize the effect those missing assignments had on their grades. Most of the missing assignments can still be turned in.

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