Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Family: We Have Our Family!

Our counselors gave us our holiday family this year. Our family is a mom with six children. They are currently living with another family member and are really struggling. We are collecting as much as we can. We have been mainly collecting cash but gift cards (Schnucks, Shop n Save, Wal Mart, Target) would be great as well. In our Jug Wars competition, the kids decide how to apply the cash, checks or gift cards (for their own team or against the other team). If some are sending checks to school, please make them out to Hixson Middle School. We appreciate all of the help this holiday season. We are determined to make this holiday a special one for our Holiday Family. Melissa and I match 10% the total donation of the team. If the team reaches its goal of 1500.00, then we contribute 150.00. This is an added incentive for the kids to get creative in their collecting.

If anyone is interested in purchasing gifts for the family, we have a need/want list. We can make that available to any parents who e-mail either Melissa (hellwig,melissa@wgmail.org) or myself (eckert.don@wgmail.org). Thanks again for all of your help this holiday season.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Memo: Holiday Family and EdCamp Harmony

Our Holiday Family collections are going well. Thus far we have $372.00 toward our goal of $1500.00. The kids are pretty motivated and may come up with some creative ways to raise funds. Please encourage that! If we reach our goal, this would be the tenth consecutive Harmony Team to raise at least $1500.00 for our Holiday Family. Amazing!

We will be running our second EdCamp Harmony on Monday, 11/23 from 8:45-10:15. Last time kids did an amazing job teaching their classmates about all kinds of things from coding to independent apps. The kids love learning from each other and we want to foster that kind of learning.

Our Harmony Team gear came in today. It looks great! Kids will be bringing it home this afternoon. We will also be sending home a fundraising packet from the school. Orders are due by 11/20.

Melissa and I will be out on Wednesday for a professional development day around learning design.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Memo: Holiday Family and Rachel's Challenge

Our holiday family collection is off to a great start. Already we have collected over $250.00 and the kids are motivated to beat our goal of $1500.00. We had some questions about tax deductibility of donations and we think they are tax deductible but we are double checking. Thanks for all of your help.

This week we are having an assembly to kick off our Rachel's Challenge program. There is also a parent assembly this Thursday evening at 6pm in the Hixson auditorium for anyone interested. This is a great program that promotes kindness and positive actions among our kiddos.

Grades closed and Term 2 progress reports will be mailed out this week.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Memo: Grades, Holiday Family and Secret E-mail

This Friday is the last day of Term 2. Grades will close at 3:15 on Friday. Report cards (progress reports) will be mailed home next week. Please have kiddos check the portal to make sure they have everything turned in. We have been getting after kids to turn in all missing assignments.

We kicked off our Holiday Family service project today. Every year, we begin collecting donations for a family in need that we adopt for the holiday season. This year, we will be shooting for our standard goal of $1500.00. We have surpassed that goal every year for the last nine years. We are hoping to eclipse it again this year. We have to say that the kids seem especially motivated this year so we have very high hopes. This is such a good service project for the kids to really make a difference in a family's lives.

We will both be absent on Thursday and Friday to present a program on 20% Time at a conference in Illinois. This occurs two or three times per year and we like it because we get to talk about the amazing things these kids are doing during 20% Time.

Please be on the lookout for a TOP SECRET e-mail from Melissa's e-mail account. Every once in a while, a student hacks into their parent's e-mail account to find out the secret. Please do not let this happen. Our plan hinges on the kids being surprised so please be extra cautious. Thanks in advance!