Friday, March 27, 2015

A 3D Doodle Pen Grant

We are putting one last grant on This grant is for a 3D Doodle Pen. Since we have gotten our 3D Printer, we have been using it quite a bit to print out our ideas. Some things cannot be 3D printed on the printer and a few of the kiddos want to freehand their 3D idea. Therefore, we put up our grant. We had two DonorsChoose gift cards that we applied to the grant and so all that we need now is 98.00. If our donors give using the doubling code SPARK, then we only need 49.00 donated. If you would consider a donation to our cause, we would really appreciate it. Just click the link to donate. Thank you for all of your support all year long.

Link to DonorsChoose project.

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