Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday Memo: Grades, Progress Reports and Trivia

Happy Tuesday! This is a short, busy week. We are putting in several grades this week so please look for them. There are many students with missing assignments and we want to make sure that everyone stays on top of the due dates and assignments. To check grades, go to the SIS link on the right or click here.

Progress reports will be send home in three weeks. There are two permanent grades this year. The first is the Semester 1 grade in January and the second is the Semester 2 grade in May. This first report home is a progress report.

The Hixson Middle School trivia night is October 3. This is a big fundraiser for Hixson. If you'd like to register a table, please visit this link.  Also, we could use your help. Our team is responsible for putting together a basket for the Trivia Night Silent Auction. The theme of our basket is "The Artist in Us All". If you could donate any art supplies (sketch pads, paints, markers, colored pencils, brushes, etc) we would really appreciate it. The deadline for our basket is Friday, September 25. Thanks in advance.

Please check Google Classroom for Science. There will be an assessment on the Scientific Method on Thursday.

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