Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Family: We Have Our Family!

Our counselors gave us our holiday family this year. Our family is a mom with six children. They are currently living with another family member and are really struggling. We are collecting as much as we can. We have been mainly collecting cash but gift cards (Schnucks, Shop n Save, Wal Mart, Target) would be great as well. In our Jug Wars competition, the kids decide how to apply the cash, checks or gift cards (for their own team or against the other team). If some are sending checks to school, please make them out to Hixson Middle School. We appreciate all of the help this holiday season. We are determined to make this holiday a special one for our Holiday Family. Melissa and I match 10% the total donation of the team. If the team reaches its goal of 1500.00, then we contribute 150.00. This is an added incentive for the kids to get creative in their collecting.

If anyone is interested in purchasing gifts for the family, we have a need/want list. We can make that available to any parents who e-mail either Melissa (hellwig,melissa@wgmail.org) or myself (eckert.don@wgmail.org). Thanks again for all of your help this holiday season.

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