Thursday, December 17, 2015

Harmony Team Collects $2,253.82 for Holiday Family

Once again, our Harmony Team kiddos astounded us by collecting $2,253.82 for the family we adopted for the holidays. We were able to provide a wonderful holiday season for our family. The kids were amazing, collecting from friends, family and neighbors. Some kids even did fundraising events. We like to incorporate service into our team culture and this is our big service project for the year. We will also be doing some smaller service projects as the year progresses. Harmony Team is indeed "the little team that could".

This total is not unusual for Team Harmony. In the ten years that Team Harmony has been in existence, we have surpassed $1,500.00 every year. That is our longstanding goal. In the ten years that we have been collecting for Holiday Families, we have raised a total of $20,765.26. Incredible! How does this year's team rank against all of the other Harmony Teams in terms of Holiday Family collections? Below is a chart of all Harmony Team Holiday Family collections including the all-time rank in parentheses. Congratulations to all of the students and families that helped make this possible.

Holiday Family Collections by Year

2015 - 2253.82 (2)
2014 - 2068.68 (5)
2013 - 2243.53 (3)
2012 - 3228.82 (1)
2011 - 1847.03 (7)
2010 - 2197.16 (4)
2009 - 1686.35 (9)
2008 - 1733.24 (8)
2007 - 1996.40 (6)
2006 - 1510.23 (10)

Total - 20765.26

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