Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Surprise: Let Them Eat Cake

With all of your help, we managed to pull off our Surprise Thanksgiving Breakfast Buffet again this year. We have to say, the participation by parents was off the charts this year. Set-up and clean-up both went flawlessly.

All morning the kids were worried that something was wrong. Melissa played her part beautifully by tipping off the kids that Dr. Smith was annoyed at our team for some reason, but we didn't know what that reason was. Melissa's absence during first and second hour was noticed by the kids; they thought we must really be in trouble. Dr. Smith did her part by scaring the bejeezus out of the kiddos when she came up to class at the beginning of third hour. When the doors to the cafeteria opened, kids were confused. The cafeteria looked clean. In fact, it looked great...and their parents were there...and there were mountains of food...and cake! "Surprise," yelled the adults in the room, and finally smiles broke out over the kids' faces. An audible "Phew" floated through the group.

Lined up at the buffet.

Loads of food and loads of fun.

This is always such a fun day. It takes a lot of coordination and preparation, but the payoff is definitely worth it. We stress team-building all year long and want to make sure that kids feel like they belong. We want their school experience this year to be one that they will remember forever. We know that the kids will definitely remember their surprise Thanksgiving buffet for a long, long time. Of course, the amazing cakes that Mr. Park created for this team also lent an amazing WOW factor to the event as well. Here are some pictures of the 2014-15 Harmony Team cakes.

Cornucopia Cake - Side view

Cornucopia Cake - End view (each gourd is a cake pop)

Turkey Cake - Front

Turkey Cake - Back

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