Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Memo: Field Trips and 20% Time

Today we went on our field trip to the Symphony. The kids really seemed to enjoy the program and their behavior was excellent. Powell Hall was packed with students from Hixson and other schools. Our kids made our school proud today.

Our Holiday Family collection is going beautifully. Our goal is to raise 1500.00 by December 15 and right now, we are at 350.00. That is awesome! The kids are stoked about raising money, partly because they feel it is a good cause and want to help, and partly because they are competitive. 

We are going on another field trip next week. We should have all permission slips in by this Friday, November 14. Our trip is to the Downtown St. Louis Public Library for the St. Louis International Film Festival.

20% Time is going really well. You can check out your kids' blogs at harmonizedlearning.blogspot.com. The student blogs are on the right side of the page. They are looking good and the ideas are really coming along.

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