Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Come to the Idea Showcase!

The Idea Showcase is a gallery walk of Harmony Team 20% Time projects. We will be set up in the Hixson library on Tuesday, February 16 from 8:45-11:15. The showcase is an excellent chance to see the work these kiddos have put into their projects so far and the course they have charted for the next few months. This day represents one of the "high-stakes" events during 20% Time and we are hoping for an authentic audience what will ask good questions and provide good feedback. Each student will be looking for a mentor as well. If you have an area of expertise that matches up with one of the projects, please considering being their mentor. We hope to see you on Tuesday, February 16 between 8:45-11:15.

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  1. Today's Idea Showcase was amazing and inspiring! I'm certain my seventh grade brain wasn't filled with marketable ideas about publishing my own novel, designing fashion and art from reusable sources, engineering a jet propulsion pack, organizing fundraising events/projects for great causes, opening my own art or photography studio, saving puppies from despicable mills, or designing my own computer software. Thank you, Mrs. Hellwig and Mr. Eckert for opening their minds, and giving them a supportive and encouraging environment like NO OTHER in education. We are so fortunate to have you both so engaged in our children's lives. We can't wait to see the finished 20% time projects! Go Team Harmony ...