Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Memo: Career Fair, Spring Conferences and Idea Showcase

Today, the items that we asked for on our Donors Choose grant arrived. Our grant was funded by Merck Pharmaceuticals last week and our things arrived today. The kids are very excited about getting to work with these new tools. Here is a link to our Harmonized Learning blog post about this grant.

Tomorrow we are out of the building for a Career Fair field trip. We return about 12:30 and we will have lunch on team. Regular schedule resumes when we get back.

For any students who want to reassess on the Scale Factor assessment, they can arrange a time with Mrs. Hellwig by February 11. Kids must request a reassessment and all of the necessary prep work must be done by then.

Spring conferences will be student led conferences this year. Conferences will be a half hour long and will be conducted by the students. We teachers will be on hand to answer any questions we can, but the kids will be responsible for highlighting their learning and talking about their grades. A letter which goes into a detailed explanation of student led conferences can be found here (Student led conference link). We will have conference sign-ups like we have in the past and time slots will be publicised in February. There should be ample time slots available. Over the next couple of months, we will be periodically talking to the kids about conferences and preparing them for this experience.

On February 16 from 8:45-11:10 in the Hixson Library, we will have our 20% Time Idea Showcase. This is a chance for kids to show the progress they've made on their 20% Time projects. The event is open to all Hixson students and staff as well as district staff, parents and community members. Come by the library to see some amazing projects. We hope many of you are able to attend.

Digital volunteers are needed! As part of our 20% Time projects, kids are keeping blogs. If you have time, please read a couple of the kids' blog posts and leave a comment or two. The blogs can be found on the right-hand side of our 20% Time blog, Kids really light up when they see that they have a real audience. Thanks in advance for taking the time to offer feedback to the kids.

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