Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Symbaloo - Organizing Our Digital Tools

Harmony Symbaloo Link

Symbaloo is a tool that we will be using this year on Team Harmony. Instead of bookmarking all of the sites that we will be using this year, we've created a Symbaloo featuring graphic "tiles" for each of the sites we'll use this year. The Harmony Links Symbaloo is available for all students and parents to use. Simply sign up for a Symbaloo account (free at symbaloo.com), click on the link above, click the "Add to Webmix" button and the Harmony Links will appear as one of your Symbaloo frames. Easy as that. We feel this will be a convenient and useful place for kids to keep all of their digital tools organized. Kids can also create their own personal Symbaloos. It's a great tool!

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