Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Memo: Conferences, Duke and Grades

Because of a glitch in our online grading program, we are a bit delayed in issuing grades. They will come home a day or two late but they will be there. As always, you can check current grades on the parent portal. Just log in and you can see all of your kids' grades.

Mrs. Gavin passed out brochures for the Duke TIP program. Eligible kiddos will have scored in the top 95% on the Terra Nova section of the MAP test in either fifth or sixth grade. The link to more information is here: Duke Link.

Parent conferences are coming up. All of the information was posted on an earlier blog post but is also linked here: Fall Parent Conferences. Please note that we can do conferences by phone, e-mail or in person. We hope to be in contact soon.

The Scholastic Book Fair will open Tuesday, September 30. It will run through October 9. Please feel free to come in anytime and browse the books. All money raised from the book fair goes to buy resources for the library.

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