Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Memo: Chromebooks Go Home!

Today we got word that the kids can take home their Chromebooks and chargers. When we told the kids, needless to say, they were elated. There are some housekeeping issues that we have to take care of over the next few days. The most imperative is insuring the Chromebooks. We sent home insurance forms with the kids today. The insurance for the year is 27.00 and we are encouraging everyone to purchase this insurance. The deductible is 0.00, so it is a good deal. Please check out the form when it comes home and return it at your earliest convenience. If your kiddo does not bring hone the form, you can download it here:

Chromebook Insurance Form

The kids are indeed bringing their laptops home today. A few parents reported that they didn't want their students to bring the Chromebooks home. We will keep them here at school if that is the case. We have found from our experience in a 1:1 classroom, that having computer and Internet access at home is a great advantage for kiddos so we encourage the use of the Chromebooks at home.

We would like to caution the kids that a padded bag of some sort would be a great solution for transporting their Chromebook between home and school. There are a lot of sleeves or cases on the market nowadays that are inexpensive and effective. Even bubble wrap in a student's backpack would do the trick. We would like for the kids to keep the chargers at home and charge the laptops overnight; the batteries will last all day here at school (they are rated as 8-10 hour batteries).

Parent conferences are next week. Please sign up if you have not done so already. We can also conference through e-mail or by phone if a face-to-face time does not work for you. The link to the conference information is here:

Fall Parent Conferences

Field trip forms were sent home on Friday. We need those back in our hands by next Monday. The trip is to the St. Louis Symphony on November 11 for the program called "Forces of Nature". The cost of the trip is $8.00 which includes transportation. We will be back at school before lunch so the kids will eat here at school.

The Scholastic Book Fair kicks off on Friday of this week. The fair will run all next week, so when you come in for your conference, please stop by and brows a bit. There are some awfully good choices this year.

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