Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tagboard Those Tweets!

One of the digital tools that we use on Team Harmony is Tagboard. It collects all of the posts from across the Internet that use the #hxharmony tag. We began using the #hxharmony tag last year to keep track of all things Harmony. Scrolling through the stream is a good way to get caught up on team happenings. If you scroll down this blog a little and look on the right hand side, you'll see our Tagboard stream.

We would like parents and students to post cool Harmony Team kid-related happenings to our stream as well. Our Harmonites are involved in so many activities outside of school and much of the time we don't even know it so it'd be nice for you to give them a shout-out on our Tagboard stream. All you have to do when you tweet (or whatever social media tool you use) is include #hxharmony. Your post will show up in our stream. We would love to foster the spirit of community on team by keeping up with the kids' outside activities.

Please be aware that we have a short list of media-exclude kiddos on team and their images cannot be posted online. If it is your own kiddo, go for it! We are excited to see the sports, plays, clubs and other out-of-school activities that the kids are involved in. We hope that our Tagboard stream helps make the blog even more interactive.

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